07 February 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Week 3 - Exploring Shapes

It Will Never Happen

This weeks assignment was rating shapes. There were no surprises on my worksheet since I know what I want to look like (even if I don't actually.) I like the hourglass look or the X shape as Imogen calls it. I am not very tall, and my hips are not narrow and my bust and shoulder are proportionate to my hips. So it is very easy for me to appear short and squat and frumpy. I do not want to appear to be any of those things.

In general I like fairly fitted clothes. I like slim tops and fuller skirts. I like skirts above knee length or shorter unless it is a maxi. I love the look of midi skirts on other people. I like 3/4 sleeve or 1/2 sleeve tops the best. Despite the fact that they aren't easy for me to pull off I love a wide leg pant when I manage to make it work. I like the 1930s feel of that type of pant. Usually though a boot cut or flare is going to work better for me. I like a super slim clam digger though for summer. No matter what I am wearing I like my waist to be visible. The 1920s/1960s non-waisted just fails. I end up looking like a twin popsicle with two skinny sticks sticking out at the bottom.

It was difficult coming up with strong feelings about most of the items on the worksheet because so many things can work when balanced out with the right outfit. But it is done. On to week 4.

The Wardrobe Architect

01 February 2014

Life: Why is Korean Popular Culture Like Heroin?


No really? What the heck do they put in that stuff? Heroin?

I NEED it! I just finished watching Faith on Netflix. I woke up throughout the night for 3 nights leading up to the end and then the night after. I was having dreams that Lee Min Ho was was talking to me from Goreyo. I dreamed the doctor was going to die. I dreamed that I was the doctor. I dreamed that the the royal doctor Jang Bin was kicking all of the evil prince of the courts soldiers butts. I was worried for everyones safety like they were my very best friends. After it was all over I still worried about what was going to happen to them. It was the same with the Rooftop Prince and Coffee Prince. And thanks to my dealers (netflix & viki) I have to worry about OD'ing on them. I have sat through 5 episodes of a kdrama before when I just had to know how it ends because there was no way I was going to be able to sleep. The time in between episodes I have difficulty focusing on my activities and if the last episode ended in a tense place my heart rate will shoot up if I think about it. While watching I feel super happy and into everything going on. Then after it is over I feel sad and want more even though waiting to know how it ended was stressful. I love it.

Kpop is very similar. I find one song that I really enjoy and then I have to find all of that artists other songs and then check out all of the other artists on the label. Then the check out related artists on the side of YouTube. Then you want to watch all of the interviews and variety show appearances with the artists you like. I blame you YG Family for this addiction. That and Kim Hyun Joong's abs. And Kpop Savant's reaction videos.

The part that is serious trouble is that the Kpop artists are actors in the dramas too. So you just keep circling from drama to MV and back to a different drama.

I compare this to Jpop and JDramas which you can't watch legally on the internet anywhere really. There are a few Jpop artists who post full PVs on YouTube. Love you MinxZone! There are also a few JDramas on Viki and Drama Fever. But so few. No where near enough to develop an addiction. When I want to watch JDramas I have to go to the local Japanese video store, but not every neighborhood has one of those. Japan, I want your entertainment too. I want to spend way too much money at a JCon to match KCon.


The Hallyu is so diabolically brilliant that I have come to believe that my Samsung S4 is far too tiny of a phone. I must have a Galaxy Note! Otherwise how will I be able to see things on my phone? Previously I thought this phone was ridiculous. It isn't really pocket sized. Now I covet it beyond all other due to perfect product placement. Oh Hallyu. I watch their dramas. I watch their videos. I listen to their music. I attend their concerts. I buy their huge phones. I can't stop eating Kimchi and saying omo and calling my husband Oppa with overly dramtic and cheesy aegyo. Which by the way only works on him in the way that he does what I ask so I'll stop. It probably only works on Koreans or people who live in Korea.

Well played South Korea and your Hallyu. Well Played.

* This post is an exaggeration of my Kpop/Kdrama addiction. You do not need to stage a Kintervention.

29 January 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Week 2 - Defining A Core Style

When wearing my favorite clothing I feel comfortable, confident, feminine, and sexy.

When I am wearing something that is not quite right, I feel frumpy and ashamed or stiff and uncomfortable. I don't want to see people when I am not dressed the way I like to look.

Style Icons? I love Zooey Deschanel's style. She wears the best girly retro clothes in a comfortable kind of way. She has SoCal casual energy that I love. Blair Eadie is like a polished and more east coast version of Zooey for me. Her look is the one I want to achieve when I have to go somewhere fancy. Blair makes fancy clothes not so fancy which appeals to me for more formal occasions. She has some casual outfits that I could do as well there is something more buttoned up about her look than I could feel comfortable in every day. Folake Kuye Huntoon is queen of bright and bold and sexy and comfortable. Her use of color is just fantastic. She wears denim perfectly and she makes animal prints chic like nobody else. Plus she is a mom like me. And oh the way she wears sequins! Keiko Lynn is another person with a laid back style that is retro and casual and she adds in a touch of rock which is fun.

In theory I like clothes that are chic and elegant, sophisticated, modern, and sexy. I would love to rock bombshell looks or kawaii. However they aren't really words anyone would describe anything about me.

Words that I would use to describe my style: casual, comfortable, feminine, retro, gentle, original, free, practical, layered, ethnic, bohemian, sparkly, sweet, sexy, easy, positive. Edited down to 5 it would be: Comfortable, feminine, retro, bohemian, sexy.

Here is my Core Style Pinterest Board

The Wardrobe Architect

28 January 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Week 1 - Making Style More Personal, Part VII Body


I am getting to a really good place with my body. I don't workout like I probably should and can not make my calves any bigger no matter what I do, but I am okay with that. I feel really good in an outfit that makes my waist look even smaller. I feel really great in a good bra, I'm looking at you aquamarine Cleo Marcie! I love to look curvy. I cannot feel like myself in a suit no matter how much I love the look of well tailored garments and in fact love tailoring them too. It is just too stiff I feel for the way I move. Definitely too stiff for my personality.

In Case you missed it:

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27 January 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Week 1 - Making Style More Personal, Part VI Location


I live in L.A. We don't really have weather here. Coats, which I love, are not generally comfortable to wear. It is too warm. Sweaters, which I also love, can't really be layered like I could when I lived in the midwest and I can't really stand to wear my favorite chunky knits. Also the temperature changes a lot from morning to noon and then to night so I have to wear thin layers. I got stuck in a fashion rut of jeans and t-shirts with a light cardi or hoodie over it. However because it is L.A. people here are really stylish so I always feel like I look boring and not creative at all. In the midwest I would probably be fine with this uniform, but in L.A. I want to look better. There is a great scope for inspiration here.

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26 January 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Week 1 - Making Style More Personal, Part V Activities


For me the fact that I have 2 kids that I have to chase down from time to time and carry around at times and often have sticky hands is the biggest influence. I can't wear all of pretty things that I want to wear because they will probably be ruined by the end of lunch. Most of my clothes need to be easy care. I bike/drive kids around all day and don't really have time to iron. I also have to meet occasionally with my fashion clients when I freelance so I can't look too casual. But my clients are usually casual companies so I shouldn't be too dressy either. During soccer season I do have to dress more for being out in the elements but that usually just means adding a jacket and scarf or sunglasses and a visor(my hair doesn't really fit in any hats.)

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25 January 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Week 1 - Making Style More Personal, Part IV Community

Today's subject is Community. Consciously the people around me mostly influence me by giving me cues about what not to wear. I don't want to be inappropriately dressed. I also take note of what other people around me are wearing because I don't want to be dressed like anyone/everyone else. I don't really have people near me who want me to dress like them and certainly like it like that. I wonder if I would dress up more if I lived in a different community? I think I might though, I choose communities to interact with that represent my taste. I haven't lasted in communities that I have felt like I needed a whole new/drastically different wardrobe. Pretty short and sweet compared to previous WA posts no?

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